Visión Latina is a non profit organization that develops activities to promote the well being of the Latin American society.

At this moment we work mainly in Venezuela and Cuba with 4 important departments:

  1. The Literature Department

  2. The Human Aid Department

  3. The Medical Department

  4. The Department "Aid for Cuba"

As a non government institution, we are always working with a lot of sacrifice. We are in urgent need of your prayers and support in order to keep functioning and growing.

Thank you very much for your interest, prayers and help. God bless you.

For the Charitable Organization Visión Latina,

H. Engels

You can get in touch with us in Caracas, Venezuela:
Apartado 80.814
1084-A Caracas, Venezuela

Telephone: (++58) (0)212-941.2587








Welcome to the website of the Charitable Foundation Visión Latina.